overtime compensation


Overtime Pay and My Rights as an Employee

Most people don’t mind working overtime. Who doesn’t like making extra pay from overtime? But, the whole topic of overtime can be confusing and complicated. Many people do not know how much they are to make working overtime or if they are even paid at all for their overtime hours.… Read More


What Should I Do If My Employer Is Not Paying Me for Overtime?

The law requires your employer to pay you overtime for all hours you work over 40 hours per week unless the law specifically says your job is not entitled to overtime. This means that employers must pay most all employees overtime compensation. (more…) Read More


Understanding Overtime Compensation: Concerns, Issues, and What You Need to Know

Are you paid by the hour? If so, you may rely on your overtime income for meeting your monthly expenses and supporting your family. When it comes to receiving overtime compensation, your employer is required to follow federal and state requirements. (more…) Read More