About Us



We are different from other lawyers who represent employees.

We have been on the inside of companies and will put this critical experience to work for you.  We also limit the number of cases we take so that you receive timely, thoughtful, and focused attention.

We know you are valuable and we understand that you deserve to be paid and treated like it by your employer.  We have been employees and worked inside of companies just like you.  Other lawyers have not.  We know how you feel when your employer makes unfair decisions; we have been there.

For almost ten years, Rowdy Meeks led the Employment Law divisions for two Fortune 500 companies which employed thousands of people.  He sat at the table when employers decided how much to pay (and not to pay) their employees and how they decided to unfairly terminate or layoff far too many employees.

This inside experience allows us to represent you like no other attorneys.  We know where employers keep information which can be the key to winning your case.  We also know how employers will justify their unfair decisions and who at companies really make these decisions.  We will tirelessly pursue the correct information and question the right decision makers necessary to prove your case.

The bottom line is that we know what employers do not want you to know.  We will aggressively use this inside experience to pursue your case.  And, we are in the business of winning.


We understand that situations regarding your job and career can be emotional.  You have worked hard and you deserve the pay and fair treatment you have earned.  We will work just as hard to get you what you deserve.  Many employers and attorneys are afraid of going to trial; we are not. 

We do not take every case.

Rowdy is licensed to practice in federal and state courts in Missouri and Kansas, the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits Court of Appeals, and Federal Courts in Colorado, Easter District of Texas, Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas, and the Northern and Central Districts of Illinois.