Most Common Types of Wage Violations

Most people are completely unaware that wage violations take place all the time. Some are small, others are glaring, but they all add up to the same thing; wage theft. (more…) Read More


What is Wage Theft and How to Know If You’ve Been a Victim?

Wage theft occurs when employers withhold wages owed to workers. It is an unscrupulous practice that costs plenty of Americans billions of dollars every year. Despite this, employers are rarely penalized and any penalties that employers do receive amount to only a very small portion of the wages actually due… Read More


Most Common Wage Violations for Employers

There are a lot of employees whose employers are not paying employees the full amount to which they are entitled. Most employees do not know this. Many employees don’t keep records of the hours worked, overtime pay, and other wages they are owed. This is why it's not uncommon for… Read More