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American Home Bank Mortgage Loan Originators Sue for Overtime Pay

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC sued Graystone Tower Bank on behalf of all American Home Bank (“AHB”) Mortgage Loan Originators and other like jobs for unpaid overtime and minimum wage.  The lawsuit is Michael Pond et al v. Graystone Tower Bank, Case No. 11-cv-92-CMC and is pending in the South Carolina Federal District Court in Columbia, South Carolina. The lawsuit is a collective class action which means that other current and former Graystone and AHB Mortgage Loan Originators may join the case to seek their unpaid wages.

According to the lawsuit, Graystone and ABH Mortgage Loan Originators commonly work more than forty hours per week, but PCA fails to pay them overtime or minimum wage. The FLSA may permit these employees to recover their wages due including earned overtime and minimum wages.  They may also recover an equal amount for liquidated damages, interest, attorney’s fees, and litigation costs.