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Benco Dental Service Techs Sue for Unpaid Overtime

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC recently filed a lawsuit against Benco Dental Supply Co. (“Benco”) on behalf of Service Technicians, Installment Technicians, and other like jobs for unpaid overtime.  The lawsuit is Douglas Creed v. Benco Dental Supply Co., Case No. 3:12-cv-01571-RDM and is pending in the Middle District of Pennsylvania Federal District Court in Scranton. The lawsuit is filed as a collective action which means that other current and former Benco Service Techs and those who held like jobs may join the case to seek their unpaid wages.

Benco is “the largest privately owned, full-service dental distributor in the United States . . . [with] more than 30,000 customers in all 50 states.” The lawsuit alleges that Benco violated federal wage and hour laws by failing to pay their Service Techs overtime. According to the lawsuit, Service Techs almost always work in excess of forty hours per week with some weeks requiring in excess of 60 hours of work.  Benco pays Service Techs a set weekly wage no matter how many hours Service Techs work during any week.  But, the lawsuit claims that the nature of the duties Service Techs perform and the hours they work require payment of overtime.

Federal law (the FLSA) law may permit Service Techs to recover their earned overtime wages due.  They may also recover an equal amount for liquidated damages plus interest, and attorney’s fees and costs.  Both present and former Benco Service Techs may participate in the case.

Media coverage of the lawsuit includes: