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Qualities to Look for in a Wage and Overtime Attorney

Employees likely must hire a wage and hour attorney to collect unpaid wages including overtime from their employers.  Employers will rarely voluntarily pay employees for all unpaid wages once employees find out their employers have not paid the legally correct wages.  Employees should choose their wage and hour attorneys carefully.  Many attorneys say they handle unpaid wages cases, but many attorneys lack experience handling these types of cases.  Employees should retain a wage and hour attorney who has vast experience in these types of cases.  This will help the employees receive more unpaid wages money from the case and let your employer know that you are vigorously pursuing your unpaid wages case.

Wage and Overtime Attorney: What The Job Entails

The purpose of hiring an attorney for wage-related matters is to obtain the best advocate to prosecute your case so that you receive as much of your unpaid wages as you can. While not all wage and overtime disputes actually go to court, many do so your attorney should be experienced in prosecuting such cases in court.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve reached the point where you cannot reach a resolution with your employer over lost wages. That’s when you should seek the advice of a good lawyer.

Best Qualities for a Wage and Overtime Attorney

What sorts of qualities identify a good wage attorney?

  1. They’re thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of the federal overtime law named the Fair Labor & Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA) and all applicable state wage laws. The FLSA and any applicable state wage laws control how wages are paid such as:•Overtime Pay (wages for hours exceeding 40 hours of work each week)
    •Worker Compensation
    •Classifying employees as either exempt or non-exempt to determine if employees are legally entitled to overtime pay
    •Payment issues automatic deduction from employee time and other like pay issues, and
    •Other similar Wage Claims
  2. They have a track record of success that the attorney can explain and show you based upon the attorney’s handling of other wage and overtime cases.
  3. They are knowledgeable as to wage payment laws and how to prosecute them in court.

The bottom line is that you want to feel confident that the attorney you select is experienced enough to put you in the best legal position to recover your unpaid wages and serious enough about handling your case that the employer knows it is in for a fight about the wages.

Not Sure If You Need Legal Help?

Now that we know what to look for in a wage and overtime attorney, you might still be wondering whether you have a case. Since employment law can be very complex, the best approach is to contact a wage and overtime attorney and schedule a free consultation.

In the preliminary stages, you have nothing to lose by at least speaking to a wage and overtime expert, and sharing your story with them. You can always contact Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC, to begin with, a free case evaluation to better understand your legal rights without having to immediately commit to taking your wage case to court.

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Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC invites you to contact us today if you’re having trouble with your employer and need the assistance of a wage and overtime attorney.  The Firm has handled wage and overtime cases for tens of thousands of employees in courts across the United States and against some of the country’s largest employers.