Unpaid Overtime Pay


4 Tips for Recovering Your Unpaid Overtime

Are you frustrated with a wage dispute at work or want some help recovering your unpaid overtime? You’re not alone and Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC can assist. Every day in America there are hardworking employees who aren’t getting the overtime wages that they have earned and the right to receive… Read More


Are You Working Excessive Overtime? How an Employment Lawyer Can Help

A little overtime can be a nice perk on your paycheck because you earn additional wages at your higher overtime rate. However, excessive overtime hours can be a problem for some people. There is no legal limit on the number of overtime hours an employer can require you to work.… Read More


You Can Collect Unpaid Overtime Pay

Collecting unpaid overtime pay might seem difficult, but you can certainly do it. You are legally entitled to pay for every extra hour you work. (more…) Read More