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Tired of Unpaid Overtime? Why It’s Time to Get an Attorney

Are you tired of unpaid overtime and want to recover your lost wages? If you are, then you should consider getting a reliable employment attorney who can help you secure thousands of dollars of unpaid wages. Hard-working individuals in America have a right to receive all wages they have earned. The law guarantees that employers pay employees all wages they earn at the legally mandated wage rates.

Let’s look at how employees can recover the money employers owe employees if employers haven’t paid employees properly for overtime work.

What Constitutes Unpaid Overtime?

The simplest way to understand overtime is to remember that if you are an hourly employee, the law requires your employer to pay you 1.5 times your regular hourly rate of pay for all time you work over 40 hours per week. An employee’s regular rate of pay for overtime calculation purposes includes all nondiscretionary bonuses, shift differentials, and other like pay.

Also, different states have overtime pay rules which exceed the federal rules.  For example, California requires overtime pay if the employee works over a certain number of hours per day no matter how many hours the employee worked that week.

As stated above, in all states, the federal overtime law, the FLSA, requires employers to pay employees 1.5 times the employees’ regular rate of pay for every minute employees work past 40 hours per week.

What is Your Employee Classification?

The general rule is that all employees must receive overtime pay.  However, there are employee groups who do NOT qualify for overtime pay because their job duties exempt them from overtime pay.

What does the law mean by “exempt”? That term refers to groups of employees who the FLSA and/or state law specifically exempts from overtime pay.  For example, the FLSA exempts “professional” employees such as doctors and lawyers from overtime pay.

Unpaid Overtime is Illegal

Unpaid overtime violates the law.  Virtually all unpaid overtime is not merely a matter of miscalculation or error. Unpaid overtime is illegal and an employer is subject to a lawsuit for not paying the legally mandated overtime pay. Employees can recover unpaid wages including overtime, liquidated damages, interest, and attorney’s fees and costs in an unpaid wages lawsuit.

Tired of Unpaid Overtime? Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC Can Help You Regain What You Deserve

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC represents employees in unpaid wage claims by helping them recover unpaid wages in many different wage claims.

Examples of these claims include:

  • Overtime Disputes
  • Misuse of Employee Time Clocks
  • Misclassification of “Exempt” Employees
  • Unpaid Minimum Wages
  • Unpaid Breaks and Meal Periods

Since there is so much potential for violating the various employment laws, you may find yourself in need of someone like Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC to help you navigate a difficult claim.

If you think you’ve missed out on significant sums of unpaid overtime wages, then you should contact us today, so we can find ways for you to recover lost money.