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4 Tips for Recovering Your Unpaid Overtime

Are you frustrated with a wage dispute at work or want some help recovering your unpaid overtime? You’re not alone and Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC can assist. Every day in America there are hardworking employees who aren’t getting the overtime wages that they have earned and the right to receive by law.

If you find yourself in this difficult situation, we want to help you with these tips for regaining the money you’ve lost due to unpaid overtime.

Common Circumstances for Unpaid Overtime

Alas, there are many ways an employer might short-change an employee and cost them lots of hard-earned money.  These include:

  • Your employer either willfully or unintentionally makes errors in calculating the hours you’ve worked (and not in your favor).
  • The employer changes your job classification to “assistant manager” or some other title and pays you a salary instead of hourly and overtime.  This is a frequent strategy that employers use to circumvent overtime laws.
  • The employer makes you do transitional work (such as cleaning, closing shop, putting away equipment, answering phone calls and/or emails, putting on uniforms necessary for your job) either before you clock in or after you clock out.
  • The employer tells you that it will not pay overtime so you do not record overtime in the timekeeping system.
  • The employer fails to include all pay such as bonuses, shift differentials, and others like pay into your overtime pay rate when the employer calculates your overtime pay.

4 Tips

Many workers have a strong case for an unpaid overtime lawsuit without even realizing it. We strongly recommend doing the following to strengthen your argument that you are entitled to collecting unpaid overtime:

  • Keep meticulous records of all your work hours.
    One of the best pieces of evidence to recover unpaid wages is strong record keeping. If you regularly document and keep stringent track of your work hours, it will be hard for the employer to not pay you for all of the work time for which you are entitled. You though do not need any such records to file an unpaid wages case.
  • Notify management of the problem.
    Speak to your supervisor, HR representative, or Payroll Manager as soon as possible if you detect any errors on your paycheck if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Gather as many documents as you can about your unpaid overtime.
    You should collect the documents you can which will help your unpaid overtime case.  These documents include employee handbooks, pay policies, paychecks, and time records.  Many employees wait and try to collect these documents after they leave the employer.  It may be too late then because the employer has removed the employee’s access to these documents.  Again, you do not need any such records to file an unpaid wages case.
  • Get good legal counsel.
    If the case becomes impossible to reconcile with your employer, we urge you to consider obtaining the help of a good wage lawyer to prosecute your unpaid overtime case.

Recovering Your Unpaid Overtime with Rowdy Meeks Legal Group  LLC

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group, LLC can help you recover the lost wages including unpaid overtime. We are very experienced in prosecuting unpaid overtime cases in courts across the United States.

You don’t want to wait too long to take action. Contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in recovering all the overtime pay you have earned.