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When is it Time to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Wage Violations?

Have you reached a point where you think it’s time to hire an employment lawyer for wage violations? Unfortunately, wage violations happen all the time. If employers think they can get away with it, they will.

But you work hard and the money you earn is yours. If you feel you are not getting the money you deserve, don’t wait for your employer to do the right thing. Instead, hire an employment lawyer so that you can collect your unpaid wages.

When is it Time to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Wage Violations?

There is a long list of wage violations that happen to employees every single day. However, it’s illegal and it needs to be stopped. The only way it will stop is for you to take a stand and demand the money that you have earned through your hard work.

Unpaid Wages

This is a big one and one that happens all the time. Wage disputes over hours worked, illegal deductions, paying less than minimum wage, and excessive taxes are all illegal unpaid wage violations.

Unpaid wages can include commissions, travel expenses, money promised as bonuses that were not delivered, and theft of tips. If you feel you are not getting the wages you were promised, it’s time to hire an employment lawyer to recover the unpaid wages.

Other examples of wage violations include unpaid meal breaks or breaks during which you continue to work.  Also, wage deductions for which you have not agreed to in writing and do not benefit you are generally illegal.

Overtime Disputes

Another major reason you may want to hire an employment lawyer for wage violations is unpaid overtime. This is a huge area where people don’t get the money they are owed.

Miscalculations on overtime, refusing to pay the hours worked, offering something else instead of overtime payment such as time off (“comp time”), and incorrectly classifying employees as salaries to avoid overtime are common ways employers ignore the overtime laws and fail to pay employees overtime due them.

Another common overtime violation is where the employer pays a flat rate such as a day rate or by the job instead of paying employees hourly including overtime.  Do not allow the employer to get away with this.

Off The Clock

Your employer may ask you to work off the clock without payment. The work might initially seem like a small thing, like picking something up on your way into work or responding to emails at night, but if you do it once, the employer will keep asking you and the work time quickly adds up.

Asking you to stay after work, or come in on your day off just for a little while without being clocked in and thus without pay is illegal. Too often, employers will ask for employees to come to work early and/or stay late, and work while not being clocked in.  These requests are illegal and violate the wage laws.

When your employer asks you to do something like this, you should ask about compensation and keep track of all the time you are doing work outside of work hours. This will help you establish your hour’s work.  However, you do not need records of your time worked off the clock to bring unpaid wages to claim.

When is it Time to Hire an Employment Lawyer for Wage Violations?

Don’t settle for less pay than you deserve. If you feel your employer has been shorting you, you should hire an employment lawyer for wage violations. Contact us today at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC. We fight for you to get the wages you earned.