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6 Signs it’s Time to Speak with an Employment Lawyer

You may want to consult with an employment lawyer if you believe you are being treated unfairly at your work or not being paid for all your work time. It’s a sad fact, but employers will often take advantage of you if you allow it.

Many people are not comfortable or feel confident enough to stand up for themselves against their employers. Employees must stand up for themselves to get the pay they have earned.

6 Signs It Is Time to Speak with an Employment Lawyer

People suffer injustices all the time at the workplace. These injustices will continue until employees stand up for themselves and hold the employers accountable.

1. Discrimination

Discrimination appears in many forms. Often, people are not aware what is even happening or that the employer is discriminating against you. You may be getting passed over for a raise or promotion due to:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

This is illegal. If you are being bullied, harassed, ignored, or just feel you are singled out, talk to an employment lawyer. Discrimination is complex and you need a legal expert to help you navigate your potential claims.

2. Missing Wages

Another area where employers take advantage of employees is not paying their employees the wages they have earned. Paying less than the legal minimum wage, not paying overtime, asking for people to work off the clock, and taking non-agreed upon pay deductions are illegal.

Wage theft happens all the time and many people are unaware that it is illegal. If you are uncomfortable speaking out or your employer has refused to pay you the wages you are owed, you should talk to an employment lawyer.

 3. Illegal Dismissal

Being fired from your job can be devastating. If you were fired for something you believe was not fair, you should talk to an employment lawyer. There are legitimate reasons for firing people, but many people are terminated illegally.

You may be able to file a case and recovery money if you believe your firing was due to some reason other than what would be considered acceptable. Employers often will provide you with a false reason for ending your employment which helps your case.

4. Harassment

Illegal harassment case are difficult cases, which is why you need an employment lawyer. Unwanted sexual advances, bullying, threats, emotional abuse, or anything else that makes you feel unsafe can constitute illegal harassment.  It is illegal for your supervisor, managers, or employees to harass you due to a protected characteristic to the extent that the harassment changes your job.

You can talk to your immediate supervisor or boss first, but if nothing happens or it just gets worse, call a lawyer. You can always contact an employment lawyer right away, especially if someone in upper management is harassing you.

5. Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing cases are also complicated.  Many federal and state laws protect “whistleblowers” who are employees who report illegal conduct by their employers.

If you report such employer illegal conduct, and are being punished for it, then you need to talk to a lawyer. You should act quickly because many whistleblowing laws have short times in which you must file a claim.

6. Breach of Contract

Some Employees have a contract which sets out the requirements between the employee and employer.  For example, mortgage loan officers often have a loan officer agreement which sets for the terms and conditions of their employment, and often describes the commission plan. The employer must follow the contract.  You should seek advice from an employment lawyer if the employer fails to follow the contract.

Employment Lawyer

If you are in doubt, you should immediately contact an employment lawyer and not wait. Your lawyer will let you know your rights and if they have been violated.

Contact us here at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC if you have any questions about your employment or how your employer is treating you. We will fight for you.