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Dealing with Late and Unpaid Wages in the Workplace

Many people depend on their employers to deliver their paychecks timely. It creates many difficulties when employers fail to timely pay wages. The federal and state wage laws require employers to pay you all wages that you have earned and to pay those wages timely. Employers violate those laws when they fail to do so.

Employees suffer when employers refuse to pay all earned wages on time. Employees must often bring legal claims to recover their unpaid wages. Employers can make mistakes, but they often intentionally refuse to timely pay all wages due.

Dealing with Late and Unpaid Wages in the Workplace

There are going to be consequences for you and your family when your employer pays your wages are late or not at all. You still have bills, rent, mortgages, and kids to feed. So, what do you do?

Ask Your Employer

It is often best to start with your employer if you feel comfortable asking it about your unpaid wages. Ask your boss, human resources, or management what the problem is and when you can expect your wages. There could be a simple mistake with payroll. If possible, you should ask these questions via text or email so that you have the employer’s written response as to why the employer is refusing to pay you all wages due.

Again, the employer violates the law by intentionally withholding any wages due you. These wages can include your hourly pay, salary, bonus, commissions, and/or your last paycheck.

File a DOL Claim

Another option for you to recover your unpaid wages is for you to contact the Department of Labor (“DOL”), and file a claim for your late or unpaid wages in the workplace. The DOL will investigate your claim if the DOL determines the claim has merit. This often takes months and even years.

Contact a Lawyer

Your employer may offer many excuses as to why it is not timely paying you. These excuses are illegal. Your employer must timely pay you all wages you have earned.

You should always contact an employment lawyer and discuss your case. There may be more than just your wages involved when it comes to late fees and interest.

Late or Unpaid Wages in the Workplace

All states have laws regarding wages being paid on time. If you are having problems getting your wages or they are consistently late, you are likely better off filing a claim and talking to a lawyer.

Contact us here at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC. We can help you get the money and wages you worked for and deserve. Wage theft is a common problem, so people need to stand up and take action to prevent more people from losing hard earned wages.