What can I recover if I win an employment case?

You may receive many different remedies if you win an employment case.  For example, you may recover back wages and benefits from the date of the illegal act (i.e., firing date) to the date trial is over and front pay which is lost wages for some time into the future… Read More

Can I file an employment case if I am an “independent contractor”?

Probably.  You should consult an attorney if you have been labeled as an independent contractor, contingent work, or contract employee, and you believe you have been treated unfairly at work. Read More

Should I talk to an attorney before I file a charge of discrimination?

Yes.  What you write in and who you name in the charge are very important. Read More

Are there very important timeframes that I should be aware of which impact my ability to file an employment case?

Yes.  There are very strict time limits for you to file a charge of discrimination which is likely your first step in pursuing a case.  The time limit in Missouri is 180 days from the discrimination, harassment, or retaliation you are complaining about.  In other states, you may have up… Read More

Is technology important to my case?

Absolutely.  Once say you will file a case, the employer will likely check your company email and internet surfing, and your personal Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and any other online accounts you have.  The employer will try to use information learned from these accounts against you in your case. … Read More

What is illegal retaliation?

Illegal retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee who complains about discrimination or harassment.  The law provides that employees have the right to work free of illegal retaliation. Read More

My manager is making repeated sexual comments to me and I have told him to stop. What do I do now?

You need to act now.  First, you should find out if your employer has a process in place to complain about sexual harassment.  You may be able to find your employer’s process on its internet or intranet website, in the employee handbook, or posted in the breakroom. You need to… Read More

I have heard about sexual harassment. What is that?

Sexual harassment is a form of illegal employment discrimination where an employee is subject to unwelcome and offensive acts because the employee is a woman or man.  Sexual harassment generally occurs in one of two ways:  (1) “quid pro quo” where the conditions of your employment depend upon the employee… Read More