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Can I Be Fired for Seeking Legal Help for Unpaid Wages?

Employees can get taken advantage of all the time at work. Not being paid for overtime, being paid less than the minimum wage, denied lunch breaks, and any number of other wage violations can happen.

Many people don’t stand up against their employers in fear of retaliation. But, that only encourages employers to continue with their illegal practices. If you have started legal procedures for recovering wages owed to you and your employer fires you because of it, you now have two reasons to sue the employer: (1) recovery of unpaid wages, and (2) retaliatory firing.

Unpaid Wages

Your employer must legally pay you for all time you work. This includes all the regular hours and all overtime you work, whether or not you record your work time in the employer’s timekeeping system. An employer violates the law if you are fired for seeking wages owed to you.

Your employer cannot terminate your employment for complaining about unpaid wages or filing a lawsuit to recover unpaid wages. For example, an employer can fire an employee because she files a lawsuit to recover unpaid overtime. An employer also cannot terminate an employee’s job because the employee complained to the employer about unpaid wages. If this occurs, then the employee can sue the employer for retaliation, and recover back pay, front pay, liquidated damages, lost benefits, emotional distress, and other damages.

Employment and the Law

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) prohibits employers from retaliating against employees who seek to recover unpaid minimum wages and/or overtime pay . The FLSA protects employees from termination, demotion, hours reductions, or any other adverse action related to employment because of the unpaid wages claim.

The FLSA protects employees when they file a complaint against their employer. A “complaint” includes legal claims such as lawsuit, complaints made to the Wage and Hour Division, and internal complaints to an employer.

Seek Legal Advice

If an employer terminates an employee because of a complaint, the employee should immediately contact an employment lawyer. Even if you have already sought legal help for getting owed wages, you need to let them know that you were fired.

You are protected from being fired or otherwise treated differently because of any unpaid wages complaint.

Employment Lawyers

You need to find an employment lawyer for your legal matters. They will have far more understanding of what needs to be done and what recourse to take when it comes to getting owed wages and wrongful dismissal.

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