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Can I Recover Unpaid Wages After I Quit My Job?

If you are trying to recover unpaid wages from a job you no longer have, you are still entitled to that money even if you have left that job before the employer pays you all wages you have earned. This is true even if you left the job on the spot without any notice. You are always entitled to that money for any unpaid wages due you whether or not the employer still employs you.

Your employer may be angry with you for leaving your job, but it is illegal for the employer to withhold money for hours you have already worked. If you are having a problem getting your money, you need to get help.

Can I Recover Unpaid Wages After I Quit My Job?

Trying to recover unpaid wages can be a challenge. If you left your job on the spot or just stopped showing up, you are still legally entitled to get the money for the hours you worked.

Regardless of why you quit your job, you are still entitled to your pay. Your employer may try to withhold it as a penalty or punishment because the employer is upset at how the ending of your job happened.

However, it is illegal for any employer to hold back your wages simply because the employer is upset. Employers can legally make the regular deductions only, like taxes, but nothing else.

Contact The Employer

If you are comfortable doing so, you can first contact the employer to inquire about your wages. Depending on how and when you quit in conjunction with your payday, you should wait until the payday has passed before you make any moves to recover your unpaid wages.

You can contact the employer in any manner with which you are comfortable.  You can send an email if you are more comfortable doing so or contact someone at work by phone to determine why the employer has not paid you.

Your final paycheck should also include any overtime, bonus pay, vacation pay that was still owing, and any type of commission or other pay. You will likely need to take action if your paycheck is missing any of your pay due.

Contact a Lawyer

If your employer is making it impossible for you to recover unpaid wages, then you likely need an employment lawyer. An employment lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights.

Sometimes, just contacting a lawyer may cause your employer into releasing the wages, because the employer may not want the hassle or expense of defending the case. Or, the employer may choose to defend the wage case by hiring its own lawyer.

Recover Unpaid Wages

Regardless of what you ultimately do, contacting an employment lawyer for a consultation can be very enlightening. The lawyer can give you a lot of information regarding steps necessary to recovering your unpaid wages.

Give us a call today at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC. We can help you recover unpaid wages, damages, and other monies to which you may be entitled. We have the experience, resources, and track record to help you get the pay you earn. You work hard for your money.  You are entitled to be paid for all time you have worked.