Hostile Work Environments and Your Rights

Chances are, you have heard about a “hostile work environment”; however, do you really understand what this means? Some believe this only refers to a mean boss. But your boss will not just create a hostile work environment by yelling often or being angry all the time. If the boss… Read More


Understanding the Basics of Severance Packages

You should consider hiring an experienced employment lawyer if your employer offers you a severance agreement in exchange for you leaving your job and waiving all legal claims you have against your employer.  Severance packages are often tedious and long, and you are not alone if you are unsure if… Read More


Understanding Overtime Compensation: Concerns, Issues, and What You Need to Know

Are you paid by the hour? If so, you may rely on your overtime income for meeting your monthly expenses and supporting your family. When it comes to receiving overtime compensation, your employer is required to follow federal and state requirements. (more…) Read More

Northport Health Services Nursing Home Lawsuit

We recently sued Northport’s 41 nursing homes across Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida for failing to pay its hourly employees all wages owed.  Northport allegedly shorts employees by deducting a lunch period employees work thru, illegally rounding their work time, and not paying for off the clock work. Contact us or read… Read More

DAS Acquisition Loan Processor Lawsuit

On January 11, 2013, we sued DAS Acquisition Company on behalf of all loan processors. DAS recently agreed to conditional class certification so loan processors who have worked there in the last three years are eligible to join to collect unpaid overtime. Read More

Bank of America Mortgage Origination Employee Lawsuit

On October 30, 2012, we again sued Bank of America for failing to pay overtime to its mortgage loan origination employees such as Retail Sales Mangers, Home Loan Managers, Mortgage Loan Associates, and other like jobs.  All such current and former BOA employees are eligible to join the lawsuit. Contact us or read… Read More

Proficio Mortgage Loan Officers

We sued Proficio Mortgage and First Liberty Financial in September 2012 for refusing to pay their Mortgage Loan Officers overtime.  The lawsuit also contends that Proficio failed to pay its Loan Officers in accordance with their compensation agreements. Contact us or read more here. Read More

Sterling Bank Mortgage Loan Officer Lawsuit

On September 6, 2012, we sued Sterling Savings Bank and Golf Savings Bank for overtime violations and illegal wage deductions.  The lawsuit alleges Savings failed to pay loan officers overtime premiums and unlawfully deducted such items as appraisal and credit report fees. Contact us or read more here. Read More