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Nervous about Filing a Wage Claim? Tips to Ease Your Mind

Filing a wage claim may seem like a big undertaking. You may be worried your employer will fire you or make your work life miserable. You may be worried about what will happen and if you can actually win your case. You can win.

But, you can’t win if you do nothing and don’t bring your unpaid wages to the attention of the entities like the courts outside of your workplace. Not getting paid what you are owed is worse than not standing up for yourself.

Tips for Filing a Wage Claim

It’s natural to be nervous about filing a wage claim. Some reasons you may be nervous include: If you have never done this before, you are new to the company, and you have not worked there for months.  None of these should prevent you from pursuing the wages the employer legally owes you.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Make sure you have done everything you feel comfortable doing at the workplace. For example, you can talk to your immediate supervisor, payroll, or Human Resources to make sure the employer did not make a simple mistake and pay you the wrong wages.  This rarely happens though.  The employer should immediately pay you the correct wages if the employer makes a mistake.  Employers often say they will pay missed wages, but they seldom actually pay it.

Once you are sure the employer did not make a simple pay mistake, you should make sure you have as much information as you can reasonably get about your pay. This includes paystubs, time records, employee handbooks, and email or text messages about your pay. It is better to have more information about your lost wages when the attorney prepares to file your case.  However, you do not need to have any of this information to file an unpaid wages case.

Talk To Fellow Employees

You can ask around to other employees to see if anyone else is having a problem with their wages. Not that you need them to file a wage claim but if there are several, then it will be very clear there is a problem.

Plus, many employees may be nervous about filing a claim, just like you. Perhaps they will be more willing to come forward if they know there are others going through the same thing.  There is generally strength in numbers will filing a wage claim so you having additional employees on your side likely increases your opportunity to win your case.

Get Legal Advice – There Should Be No Cost

Filing a wage claim doesn’t cost you anything. An employment attorney is there to help you file the claim and then prosecute it.  The attorney will help you with the paperwork and make sure everything is in order.

The employment attorney will conduct the investigation into your unpaid wages and keep you informed of what is going on. The attorney will keep your case moving forward.

Filing a Wage Claim

Contact us here today at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC for more information to find out about what you can do to get your unpaid wages back. We file unpaid wages cases throughout the United States on behalf of employees only. Don’t let them steal the money you worked for.