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Red Flags To Look Out For When Hiring an Employment Lawyer

When facing employment-related issues, you seeking the guidance of an experienced employment lawyer is crucial to protect your rights and help you navigate the complex legal landscape. However, not all lawyers are created equal, and it’s essential to be aware of potential red flags that may signal less-than-ideal legal representation.

By recognizing red flags early on, you can avoid potential pitfalls and ensure you work with a competent and trustworthy professional who will advocate effectively on your behalf.

Red Flag #1 – Lack of Specialization and Experience

Employment law is complex and can differ from state to state. Also, each case is different because the factors that affect a workplace claim vary depending on the company, its policies, and the specific client role and situation.

An employment attorney should specialize in employment law or have a significant portion of their practice dedicated to employment-related cases. However, if your lawyer is not familiar with the complexities of employment law, you should consider another option.

Red Flag #2 – Poor Communication and Big Promises

You should feel comfortable with your lawyer and confident they have your best interests at heart. However, you should be concerned if your lawyer is significantly delayed in responding to you and doesn’t keep you informed of your claim’s progress.

A lawyer communicating poorly but promising good outcomes is a major red flag. An employment lawyer though can’t guarantee a specific result or make unrealistic promises about the outcome.

Red Flag #3 – Unreasonable Fee Structure

Fee transparency is crucial; if your lawyer is evasive when discussing fees and/or case costs, you should be concerned. Your lawyer should provide you with a written fee agreement. You should be cautious if the attorney has excessively high fees upfront, unclear billing practices, or a sudden change in fee arrangements.

Many employment lawyers work on a contingency basis regarding fees. That means you don’t pay for their services upfront. Instead, they get a percentage if you successfully win or settle your wage claim.

Red Flag #4 – Unprofessional Conduct

If your employment attorney lacks empathy, is dismissive, and is unsympathetic to your situation, the attorney might not be the best fit. Look for online reviews and verify their standing with the state bar association. An employment attorney shouldn’t have a history of disciplinary actions or complaints.

What Should You Look for When Hiring an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer representing employees is responsible for advising and prosecuting the employee’s case. That means your lawyer should have a client-centered approach that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Many employment attorneys offer a free first consultation. During this meeting, they can assess your claim and answer any questions you have. Your attorney should put your mind at ease, offer advice, and listen to your concerns.

When choosing an employment attorney, you also want someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

This includes laws regarding

  • Overtime
  • Severance pay
  • Worker compensation
  • Unpaid Wages

Wage laws differ based on your state, and an employment lawyer will be able to offer you guidance and accurate information based on your unique case and jurisdiction.

A major green flag is a lawyer with a successful track record of prosecuting cases like yours where the lawyer has fought for employee rights and won.

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