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How to File an Unpaid Wage Claim

Do you need to file an unpaid wage claim?

In the realm of employment, the receipt of full and timely compensation is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, you may find yourself facing the distressing situation of unpaid wages. Whether due to misunderstandings, negligence, or intentional violations, such incidents can leave you feeling powerless and financially strained.

You deserve all the pay to which you have earned and are legally entitled. Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC will help vigorously pursue the compensation you are owed for wage claims.

The Process of Filing a State Agency Unpaid Wage Claim

You can pursue a private course of action for your unpaid wages. But, you can also file a claim with a local office of the Department of Labor (“DOL”). This process is generally much slower than filing a private case. Furthermore, DOL claims usually result in employees recovering less unpaid wages than when they file a private case.

Gather Documentation

Collect any evidence or documentation related to your unpaid wages, such as pay stubs, time records, employment contracts, or other relevant documents. This information will support your claim. Employers often keep these document electronically on the internet or intranet; employees often lose access to these online records immediately when their employment ends. You, however, do not need any records to file an unpaid wage claim.

Know the Timeframe

In Kansas, the statute of limitations for unpaid wage claims is generally two years from the date the wages were due, which adheres to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Other states have statute of limitations which are shorter and longer than two years. Thus, you should consult an employment attorney immediately when you believe you are suffering from unpaid wages so that you can maximize your recovery.

Contact Your Employer

Before filing a formal claim, you can attempt to resolve the issue directly with your employer if you feel comfortable doing so. Send a written letter or email outlining the details of your unpaid wages, including the amount owed and the dates of the unpaid work. Request payment and set a reasonable deadline for response.

Contact the Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL)

If your Kansas employer fails to respond or resolve the issue, you can file a complaint with the KDOL. They handle wage and hour complaints in the state. Similarly, other states have local DOL offices which handle unpaid wages claims in the state.

You can download the appropriate wage claim form provided by the state DOL. The form typically asks for your personal details, employer information, dates of employment, and details of unpaid wages. In addition, you are required to attach copies of any supporting documents you gathered, along with your completed form.

After submitting your claim using the correct procedures, staying in contact with the state DOL is essential. The DOL may request additional information or documentation. Make sure to respond promptly and provide any requested materials. You will not have an employment attorney during this process.

The state DOL will review your claim and may investigate the matter. The state DOL may contact your employer to seek its response and attempt to mediate a resolution. If the investigation finds in your favor, the state DOL will seek to recover your unpaid wages. You will have little say in how much the state DOL recovers for you in unpaid wages.

File an Unpaid Wage Claim with Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC

A private attorney option like Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC is available if you need assistance pursuing your wage claim. We have the knowledge and experience to fight for your claim.

You may have grounds for an unpaid wage claim under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) if:

  • You are an individual who has not been paid the minimum wage.
  • You have not received overtime pay or your employer failed to include all of your different pay into your overtime rate.
  • You have not been paid for hours worked or were forced to work off the clock.
  • You were subject to unauthorized paycheck deductions.
  • Your pay was subject to uncorrected clerical or accounting errors.
  • You were subject to unpaid breaks and meal periods during work time.

Unfortunately, we see hardworking Americans suffering from employer dishonesty regularly. If you have experienced unfair wage issues, the right legal firm can help. You want to choose an attorney that can answer your questions about overtime laws, the FLSA, and state wage payment laws. The employment attorney also needs comprehensive knowledge of the difference between hourly, salaried, and contract workers in relation to wage claims.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC: Pursuing Unpaid Wage Claims Nationwide

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed by the intricacies surrounding the unpaid wages law. We aim to help you assess your legal recourse for unpaid wages and offer a free case evaluation.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC will assess your unpaid wage claim, so contact us if you are not paid what you believe you have earned and are legally entitled to.