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When is it Time to Hire an Attorney for Unpaid Wages?

It’s important to have a good idea when you, as an employee, should contact an attorney regarding unpaid wages. You don’t have to remain idle while your bills go unpaid because your employer refuses to pay you the wages you legally earned. Let’s discuss some advantages of hiring an employment attorney to help you recover lost wages.

When Do You Need an Attorney for Unpaid Wages?

In some sense, it’s a straightforward question with a simple answer. If your case is legitimate, you know you’re not getting paid the full amount, and your employer refuses to rectify things, then you will need legal assistance to recover all wages due to you. Failing to pay all earned wages is against the law and when employers refuse to pay you, a court can force them to do so and impose severe penalties.

Unfortunately, this problem persists way more than it should because many American workers do not understand their rights. Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC seeks to eliminate the underpayment of employees and arm you with the knowledge to avoid losing wages that you have earned. It helps you to be aware of the common signs of wage violations which include:

  • Illegal Wage Deductions
  • Failure to Pay Overtime Premiums
  • Employers Not Paying for Your Breaks and Meal Periods
  • Not Receiving at Least the Minimum Wage

Do you recognize any of these problems either in your personal experience or with friends from work? If so, you should contact an employment attorney to better understand your legal rights and how to collect your unpaid wages.

How to Find the Right Attorney

Of course, not all lawyers are the same. When you go to meet with your attorney, you’ll want to make sure he or she has experience in recovering unpaid wages. The lawyer should be able to answer all your questions about overtime laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, state wage payment laws, the distinctions between hourly, salaried, and contract workers, and other similar wage issues.

Different Types of Wages

Finally, you should be aware that there are many ways you can lose wages, sometimes inadvertently, but most always or through employer dishonesty in an attempt to save money. Unpaid overtime is one of the most common problems, but we also encounter violations like unpaid breaks and meal periods, illegal wage deductions, and failure to pay for employee expenses such as work from home costs.

Have you found an error on a previous paycheck that your employer promised to fix and pay later? This is called retroactive pay, and it happens frequently in companies with large workforces. Always check your paychecks to make sure your company follows through with whatever it promised to fix.

High-salaried individuals might experience lost wages if they run into a contract dispute over severance wages. It happens when companies decide to part ways and not comply with the severance agreement.

Finally, you may know someone working as a salesperson who lost commission pay. If they had known their rights, they could have fought to recover the money their company owed them.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC: Prosecutes Nationwide Unpaid Wages & Other Workplace Disputes

Unpaid wages come in many forms, so it’s a tricky problem, and you might not know all the laws in your jurisdiction. That’s okay because we’re here to help.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC helps employees all over the country in places with unionized and nonunionized industries alike.

If you’re ready to hire an attorney for unpaid wages, then contact us soon to get help in recovering the wages you have earned.