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How To Know Your Wage and Overtime Attorney Is Legitimate

A wage and overtime attorney is likely necessary if you need to collect unpaid wages and overtime. Getting employers to pay wages owed can be a long, drawn-out process if you go it on your own. Employers will always have attorneys on their side even if you do not directly speak to the employers’ attorneys.

However, you need to make a good choice when selecting your attorney. Although many lawyers are willing to take these cases, not all attorneys have the necessary qualifications to handle these cases.

You will be more likely to recover what you’re owed and hold your employer accountable by using the right attorney. Read on to learn more about what to look for in your attorney.

Do They Know All Aspects of the Fair Labor & Standards Act (FLSA)?

The Fair Labor & Standards Act, which dates back to 1938, is the federal standard for overtime law. Also, many states have overtime laws, which provide for greater protections. Your unpaid wages attorney must be able to navigate between the FLSA and state overtime laws to provide you with the best overtime recovery.

Lawyers may handle employment-related cases that primarily involve state law, such as discrimination cases and workers’ comp, but might not be as experienced with unpaid wages cases that involve the FSLA and multiple employees. A lawyer needs to know how to handle these cases because they have different requirements from discrimination, workers’ comp, and unemployment cases.

Your Wage and Overtime Attorney Has a Proven Track Record

You can have greater confidence in a wage and overtime attorney who has a proven track record. It’s one thing for an attorney to talk about their experience, but it’s another to show that they have the experience.

An attorney who has a record of winning cases, especially against employers with a long history of abuses, is one that you should have greater confidence in. This lawyer should demonstrate that he or she had positive results in similar overtime cases to your case.

Your Wage and Overtime Attorney Knows How to Win Cases in Court

Knowledge of wage laws is important, but knowing how to prosecute these cases in court makes a difference. An attorney who knows how to win in court knows what’s at stake and will make sure they work as hard as possible for a better case outcome.

An attorney with experience winning in court will understand what he or she needs to do to make sure you have a stronger case. Such attorneys know how to look for evidence of violations that may not have been obvious to you.

Can They Answer All Your Questions?

When you’re facing an unpaid wages case, you are almost certain to have a lot of questions. Your lawyer should be comfortable answering all of them and making sure you understand these answers.

You should feel confident in the answers your attorney provides, even if there is an issue with your case that’s more complex. If you don’t feel confident about your attorney’s answers when you ask questions, could you feel confident about them representing you in court?

Do You Need Help With Your Case?

One of the biggest questions at the end of the day is whether you have a case. A free consultation with an attorney who handles these cases can help you wade through the complexities involved.

When you go through the initial stages of a case, you have nothing to lose by finding out about your options. You will not only know whether you have a case but what your next steps are to recover the pay you are owed.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC handles these types of unpaid wages cases, and we are standing by to help you. Contact us today if you need help from an unpaid wage and overtime attorney.