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Questions To Ask Your Lawyer Before Filing a Wage Claim

Filing an unpaid wage claim can be daunting, but having a list of questions to ask your lawyer can provide you with clarity and confidence.

You may feel vulnerable, stressed, and angry if you have been the victim of illegal wage practices. An employment attorney like Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC can help you learn about your state’s labor laws and how they protect your rights, and assess the validity of your claim.

Should You Have Questions to Ask Your Lawyer Before Filing a Wage Claim?

Your employment attorney will have questions for you. It can be beneficial if you likewise have your own questions to help you gain clarity on the wage recovery process and help you choose the right attorney.

Asking your attorney questions can help you

  • Clarify your legal options so you can make informed decisions
  • Assess the strength of your claim and identify potential outcomes
  • Understand the process and potential challenges of filing a wage claim
  • Manage your expectations about results, obstacles, and the timeline
  • Understand the risks and costs involved
  • Explore other options, such as mediation

9 Questions to Ask Your Lawyer During Your Initial Consultation

1. Do I Have a Valid Wage Claim?

It’s essential to understand the validity of your claim based on federal and state wage laws. You can also ask your attorney about options before filing suit, such as mediation.

Your attorney may suggest

  • Negotiation and settlement
  • Filing an administrative complaint with the Wage and Hour Division
  • Filing a lawsuit (either an individual or class action)

2. Do I Need Evidence to Support My Claim?

Although you don’t need documentation to file a claim, you having pay stubs, timesheets, and employment contracts can be beneficial. You should obtain these documents as soon as possible because employers immediately end access to such documents once employment ends.

3. What are the Labor Laws in My State?

Each state has different wage laws, so understanding specific federal and state laws that apply to your wage claim is critical. Your attorney can explain how these laws protect your rights, and also explain your rights based on your employment status, employment classification, how much you earned and worked there, and other relevant facts which depend upon the situation.

4. What is the Statute of Limitations?

Each state has varying statutes of limitations, so it’s important to discuss the time limit for your wage claim based on your state. There can also be time variations based on the type of claim, such as unpaid minimum wage, overtime, or other wage-related violations.

5. How Do I File a Wage Claim?

Ask your attorney to explain the filing process step-by-step. The legal system can be confusing. You can better understand the process if you have a basic understanding of the important filing procedures, deadlines, and any necessary documentation.

6. How Long Will the Process Take?

If you are filing an unpaid wage claim, you are already out of pocket due to unpaid wages. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to estimate how long the process will take as numerous factors are involved. However, your attorney will explain the timeline and process based upon how other similar cases to your case have progressed.

7. What are the Potential Outcomes?

Ask your attorney what happens if your unpaid wage claim is unsuccessful. You can also inquire about other compensation, like attorney fees, if successful.

8. What are the Risks and Costs Involved?

Before filing a wage claim, you should be aware of any risks and/or costs to filing your specific claim. Your attorney can educate you if any of these exist.

9. What is Your Experience With Wage Claims?

This might be one of the most important questions to ask your lawyer. Your attorney should not only have experience with wage claims, but the attorney should also be familiar with federal and state wage laws. It may be best to consult a licensed attorney focusing on employment law, or wage and hour issues. You can also ask your attorney about their success rate in unpaid wage lawsuits.

Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC: Pursuing Unpaid Wage Claims Nationwide

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