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What to do When There’s No Paycheck on Payday

Some employers commonly provide employees with late paychecks. What are your options if your paycheck does not arrive on payday? Most companies will notify their employees if their paychecks will be late or short.

But, what can you do if there is no paycheck without warning? People depend on their payday to pay rent, bills, and feed their families. Too many people live from paycheck to paycheck, and the loss or delay of even one paycheck can have bad consequences for employees.

What to do When There’s No Paycheck on Payday

State law controls when an employer must legally provide employees with timely paychecks. However, in all states, employees must pay employees for all time worked.

Double Check Everything

Your first step is to find out as many details as you can about your missing paycheck. Find out if everyone missed their paycheck, or if it was only you or a select few employees who did not get timely paid. The employer may have a legitimate excuse such as a payroll error or a legitimate change in the payday schedule.

Likewise, you should check with your bank if your check is paid by direct deposit to make sure it is not a bank error. If you receive a paper check that is either mailed or hand-delivered, you should make sure there was no mistake in delivering the check.

Contact Your Employer

Next, you should contact your employer directly to determine why you were not timely paid. You can contact your immediate supervisor, Human Resources, or payroll. You may also contact upper management if no one else at the employer can explain why you did not timely receive your paycheck.

You should also ask for a written explanation of the reason for your paycheck delay. You can accomplish this via email, text, or some other way that your employer generally uses.

File A Claim

If you don’t get anywhere with your employer, you could file with the labor board. This is a claim stating that your employer failed to pay you minimum wages and/or overtime, and the employer failed to timely pay you your paycheck. Once you file a claim, the agency may contact your employer to find out why you never got paid.

Now your employer can either pay you the money you are owed or dispute your claim. The labor board may then schedule a hearing that you both will attend. The labor board though usually takes months to act and generally will not take cases about a few missed paychecks.

Employment Lawyer

Your best option to recover unpaid paychecks is to contact an employment lawyer. Employment lawyers deal with employers all the time. They are there for you, the employee. When you are not paid for any money owed to you or there is no paycheck on payday, they are there to fight for you.

It is worth your time to talk with a lawyer just to hear about the options available to you. Many people don’t for fear of losing in court or losing their job, which is why so many employers get away with it.

No Paycheck on Payday

Don’t let your employer get away with not paying you the money they owe you. Talk to an employment lawyer and find out your rights. When your paycheck isn’t there on payday, you are entitled to that money.

Contact us here today at Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC for more information or to talk to a lawyer. You are legal entitled to timely pay for all hours you work for any employer.