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How an Employment Lawyer Can Help You Get the Justice You Deserve

You likely need a good employment lawyer when you encounter workplace injustices like wrongful termination or unpaid wages. There are many reasons to do so, including unpaid wages including overtime, sexual harassment, disagreements over severance packages, and other employment issues where your employer is mistreating you.

Who is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer who represents employees is responsible for advising the employee and prosecuting the employee’s case. Employers often have many lawyers on their side; thus, employees must have a lawyer to represent them in employment disputes which will counteract the employer’s lawyers.

In addition to prosecuting the case, employment attorneys spend lots of time helping clients understand their rights, how the case is progressing, and what the employee can expect from the case.

What are the Common Issues in Employment Law?

There are plenty of common disputes that employees have with their employers. If you check our investigations section, you’ll see a sample of the disputes and legal violations we regularly encounter. They include:

  • Automatic Clocks
    Automatic clocks are a way of electronically managing payroll, which can be very helpful for a company with hundreds of employees. This works well enough, provided that management reviews them constantly to guard against errors that would short-change an employee. Too many times we see employers allow for all sorts of paycheck discrepancies because they rely on time clocks without actively reviewing and auditing them for accuracy.
  • Unpaid Overtime
    It’s very common for employers to miscalculate an employee’s overtime hours, thus reducing the amount they get paid. If you suspect this has happened to you and your employer won’t address it, then an employment attorney may be able to help you claim the overtime pay you have earned.
  • “Assistant Managers”
    You may have been ecstatic to sign up for a job as an assistant manager for a business, thinking you would get a chance to manage operations and advance your career. While this is still possible, some employers abuse this job title as a means of getting around overtime laws. Do you find yourself managing or is your position more of a salaried labor job that allows your employer to use you for long hours every week without additional compensation? This is a frequent way employers violate the overtime laws.

What It’s Like Meeting With an Employment Attorney

We also want to give you an outline of a few good ideas for ways you can prepare to meet with your lawyer. Here are three best practices that will help you and your attorney:

  1. Document everything about your dispute and have it all ready when you meet with your lawyer.
  2. If your claim involves witnesses, get contact information for them and see if they wouldn’t mind speaking to your attorney, too.
  3. Construct a thorough timeline related to your employment dispute. This would include things like the name of your supervisor, how long you’ve been at the company, proof of blatant discrimination or unpaid wages, and don’t forget to explain how the problem adversely impacts you.

An Employment Lawyer Can Help You: Contact Rowdy Meeks Legal Group LLC

Employment law can be murky in certain scenarios, and you can be certain your opposition will have counsel as well. That’s why you need the help of an experienced employment attorney. You should contact us today if you need assistance with an employment dispute such as unpaid wages including overtime.  We have a lot of experience in prosecuting unpaid wage cases and other employment disputes cases across the United States.