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What to Do About Online Rx Spam Calls from OptumRx and Others

Online Rx spam calls are one of the biggest aggravations many consumers have to contend with daily. The calls not only happen at inconvenient times, but these calls often happen multiple times a day, further adding to the aggravation.

One thing that causes further aggravation for many is being unable to reach anyone to stop the calls. You might feel as though you will never be free from these irritating calls.

The good thing to know is that you can obtain relief against the companies which make these calls by holding those making these nuisance calls accountable. Read on to learn more about your options.

What is OptumRx Anyway?

OptumRx is an online pharmacy whose customer base includes those covered by some of the country’s top insurers. Over 65 million Americans receive their prescriptions from this company, making it one of the leading online pharmacies.

This company is part of United Health Group, largely contributing to its overall reach. Partnerships with popular retail pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS also account for much of the company’s customer base.

However, many individuals who receive these calls have not had a relationship with OptumRx. Thus, OptumRx is violating federal law by calling individuals’ cell phones using an automated voice when these individuals have not specifically opted into receiving these calls.

What is the Problem With Online Rx Spam Calls from OptumRx?

Many people have reported receiving online Rx spam calls from OptumRx that they did not opt into, often on their cell phones. These calls are automated calls, also known as robocalls, that violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

These calls often take place during the day, and outside normal business hours, including weekends and holidays. In many cases, these calls are also repeatedly made to home phone numbers which likewise violate the TCPA.

Many people receive these automated calls numerous times daily for weeks and months. Trying to reach a live person who can make the calls stop is typically unsuccessful.

Even when consumers attempt to block these voice calls on their phones, they may still receive voicemails. OptumRx is continuing to robocall individuals who have repeatedly requested these calls stop to no avail.

Consumers who have had a previous relationship with United Health often assume that receiving OptumRx robocall calls is lawful. However, courts have found that having a relationship with a medical insurance company such as United Healthcare does not provide an individual’s consent to receive robocalls from online pharmacies such as OptumRx.

Many consumers who have never been OptumRx customers have also received calls. The TCPA makes these calls illegal and the individuals who receive such calls are entitled to money damages as much as $1,500 per call.

How You Can Get Help If You’re Getting OptumRX Robocalls

We can help you recover money damages and stop the robocalls if you’re getting OptumRx robocalls. As stated above, the TCPA makes such calls illegal by outlawing robocalls with the individual’s express consent to receive them.

When companies such as OptumRx violate the TCPA, they may be required to pay damages for each call that is a violation. One important thing to do is to keep a record of when each of these calls has occurred, as this may help you in your case.

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